Asset Handler »

Provides a wizard to easily import existing files on your server into Movable Type as assets. Also adds a Batch Asset Editor which allows you to edit the details of multiple assets at once

Comment Email Filter »

Finally, a way to trust commenters without being forced to use authentication (e.g. Typekey). Whitelist or Blacklist commenter's email addresses.

CrossPoster »

Post your entries to multiple blogs simultaneously. Great for both personal bloggers (keep journals in synch) and corporate bloggers (stage entries)

CustomFields »

Create custom fields to store meta data for system objects (entries, categories, authors). Makes MT a ridiculously powerful CMS.

Email Blacklister »

Instantly Junk comments based on their email. Useful to block spammers who use the same email address everytime. Superseded by Comment Email Filter

Email Whitelister »

Instantly Approve comments based on their email. Useful to automatically approve frequent commenters that do not use Typekey. Superseded by Comment Email Filter

EnhancedEntryEditing »

Adds a WYSWIYG editor to the entry screen so that you never have to worry about HTML again, simply click buttons to choose and view formatting

Link Roller »

A back-to-basics link manager which integrates seamlessly with Movable Type 4's new asset system.

LivePreview »

Entry previews done right, in the context of your weblog, styling, javascript et al. A slick new interface and compatible with RightFields and CustomFields. Built into MT4!

Mintier »

Mintier adds a widget to Movable Type 4's dashboard for the Mint statistics tracking package and allows you to obsess over stats from right within MT.

MT Blogroll »

Manages your links in the comfort of Movable Type. A powerful link manager at heart but capable of so much more including and digg integration.

MT Protect »

MT Protect finally allows you to protect entries and blogs in Movable Type via either a password or authentication by TypeKey or OpenID. Superseded by Privacy

My Blogs »

A retro widget for the new dashboard. Displays a list of all blogs in the system with handy links to the most frequently accessed areas, just like the good ol' MT3 dashboard.

PowerRebuild »

Mass rebuild your templates and weblogs with the click of a button. Especially useful whilst building your blog or moving to a new host. Built into MT 4.1!

Privacy »

Privacy allows you to define "read permissions" by giving you fine-grained control over who can read entries and blogs.

SCode »

An antispam plugin that generates a CAPTCHA (or security code) that must be reentered by a commenter - ensures the comment is entered by a human and not a spambot.

Simply Threaded »

MT4 introduced the ability for authors to reply to comments from within the application but commenters were left in the cold. Simply Threaded allows commenters to reply to comments.

Template Shelf »

A time saving plugin, adds a template listing to the sidebar of the template editing screen, no more back-and-forth! Also introduces dialog template editing, great for those small templates!