Asset Handler

Movable Type 4.0 introduced a file manager like system dubbed "Assets" which listed files that had been uploaded through MT and allowed you to easily add them to entries or pages. But, what about files you have already uploaded? They don't show up in the asset listing screens and the only way you can have them appear is to re-upload them.

One other problem is with editing asset details - currently, the only way you can enter a name or description for assets is during the upload process. Several times, though, I've been in a rush and clicked through to complete the wizard and forgotten to update the file's details and so have had assets with no title or description!

Enter Asset Handler and Transporter (or AssHAT for short!) which provides two crucial features that should make using assets in Movable Type a far more enjoyable experience:

  • Adds a Batch Edit option to the drop down menu on the asset listing screens which is almost identical to the batch-edit option on the entry listing. Simply select the assets you wish to edit, choose Batch Edit and easily edit the title, description and tags for the chosen assets.

  • An importer allows you to easily import existing files on your server into Movable Type as assets. A wizard guides you through the entire process and makes it a breeze to import a single file or an entire folder!


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