Installing CrossPoster

To install CrossPoster, follow these simple steps:

  1. Extract the distribution and preserve the directories. The directories that have been extracted correspond to the directories in your Movable Type installation. Upload these directories to your Movable Type installation such that file structure looks like so (where mt-static is your StaticWebPath):

    |__ mt-static/
    |   |__ plugins/
    |       |__ CrossPoster/
    |           |__ images/
    |              |__ livejournal_logo.png
    |              |__ movable_type_logo.png
    |              |__ vox_logo.png
     |__ plugins/
         |__ CrossPoster/
            |__ lib/
            |   |__ CrossPoster/
            |      |__
            |      |__ App/
            |      |  |__
            |      |__
            |       |__ Connector/
            |          |__
            |          |__
            |          |__
             |__ tmpl/
                |__ edit_account.tmpl
                |__ list_account.tmpl
  2. Point your browser to Movable Type (mt.cgi) and you will be prompted to install CrossPoster. This step will install two tables in your database that will store information required by the plugin:

    Install CrossPoster

  3. If the plugin has been correctly installed, the wizard will successfully complete and you will see the following under System Overview > Plugins

    CrossPoster Registration


Alix said:
on Dec 4, 2007 2:52 PM | Reply

I never got Step 3.

I installed got the upgrade dialog, prepped an entry, set the connector (lj) fine, went back to the entry (btw the dialog box did not show who), clicked preview... MAJOR ERROR, came back and CrossPost ceased to exist. Now it doesn't even show the CrossPost selection area.


This is part of the official user manual for CrossPoster, a plugin for Movable Type by Arvind Satyanarayan.

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