EnhancedEntryEditing 1.1 Manual


Installation is quite simple.

Extract the distribution and preserve the directories. The directories that have been extracted correspond to the directories in your Movable Type installation. Your final hierarchy should look thus (where mt-static is your StaticWebPath):

|__ plugins/
|   |__ BigPAPI.pl
|   |
|   \__ Ajaxify/
|       |__ EnhancedEntryEditing.pl
|__ php/
|   \__ plugins/
|       |__ modifier.tinymce.php
|__ mt-static/
|   \__ plugins/
|       \__ Ajaxify/
|           \__ tinymce/
|               |__ (tinymce files)

If the plugin was successfully installed, you should see something similar to this on the Plugins listing under System Overview.

EnhancedEntryEditing Registration


To enable the WYSIWYG editor on the entry screen, you will need to set WYSIWYG as your default text formatting for new entries. This ensures that new entries use the WYSIWYG editor whilst this will not conflict with old entries. To set WYSIWYG as your default text formatting:

  1. Click the New Entry Defaults tab on the Blog Settings screen.
  2. From the drop down menu labelled Text Formatting choose WYSIWYG

    WYSIWYG Text Formatting

Now for all new entries, the WYSIWYG editor will appear on the entry screen. To enable the WYSIWYG editor for older entries, you will need to manually set their text formatting to WYSIWYG from the edit entry screen and then save the entry.

By default, EnhancedEntryEditing provides a fairly basic WYSIWYG editor. tinyMCE however is an extremely powerful editor which allows you to customize the buttons that appear in the WYSIWYG editor's toolbars. EnhancedEntryEditing provides an easy way to edit these configuration values without hacking the code. By default, a setting is provided that allows you to customize tinyMCE's configuration javascript both on the system-wide level (such that it applies to all blogs) or on the blog-level. More information on how to customize tinyMCE is available in the tinyMCE documentation


This is part of the official user manual for EnhancedEntryEditing, a plugin for Movable Type by Arvind Satyanarayan.

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