Using EnhancedEntryEditing

There are two ways that the WYSIWYG editor can be used with Movable Type:

  • The first, and recommended method will cause the WYSIWYG editor to load as the new/edit entry page loads. You will need to set WYSIWYG as your default text formatting for new entries. This ensures that new entries use the WYSIWYG editor whilst this will not conflict with old entries. To set WYSIWYG as your default text formatting:
    1. Click the New Entry Defaults tab on the Blog Settings screen.
    2. From the drop down menu labelled Text Formatting choose WYSIWYG
      WYSIWYG Text Formatting
  • The second way of using EnhancedEntryEditing is through the toggle buttons. These can be enabled via the plugin settings (Blog Settings > Plugins > EnhancedEntryEditing > Show Settings or System Overview > Plugins > EnhancedEntryEditing > Show Settings).
    WYSIWYG Toggle Buttons
    When enabled, a new button will appear in the formatting toolbar of the Entry Body and Extended Entry fields on the new/edit entry screen and will function as a toggle. Click and a WYSIWYG editor will be added to the corresponding textarea, click and it will be removed. This is compatible with all text formatters. WYSIWYG Toggle Buttons


This is part of the official user manual for EnhancedEntryEditing, a plugin for Movable Type by Arvind Satyanarayan.

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