LivePreview 1.0 Manual


  1. Extract the distribution and preserve the directories. The directories that have been extracted correspond to the directories in your Movable Type installation. Upload these directories to your Movable Type installation such that file structure looks like so:

        |__ plugins/
        |  \__ LivePreview/
        |     |__
        |     |__ livepreview.cgi
        |     |__ lib/
        |     |  \__
        |__ mt-static/
        |  \__ plugins/
        |     \__ LivePreview/
        |        |__ loading.html
        |        |__ temp/
  2. Ensure that the permissions on livepreview.cgi have been set to 755.

  3. If the plugin was successfully installed, you should see something similar to this on the Plugins listing under System Overview.


  4. Once these files have been uploaded, you will need to set a Temporary Directory for LivePreview. This can be set at the system-level (such that the same temporary directory is used for every blog) and the blog-level (each blog has its own temporary directory). We recommend you set a temporary directory for each blog, this ensures maximum compatibility. To set a temporary directory at the blog level, click Weblog Settings from the left hand menu and then click the Plugins tab. Find LivePreview in the listing and click the Show Settings which should cause the following to appear:

    LivePreview Settings

    Set the temporary directory's URL and path as shown in the screenshot (please ensure both end with a slash). The URL must be a full URL, domain name et al whilst the path should be a full path. The permissions on this directory need to be set to 755.


This plugin adds a button to the entry screen labelled LivePreview. Simply click this button to show the LivePreview pane at the bottom of the screen. At first the Building message will appear as the plugin creates the live preview. After a few seconds, the pane will refresh showing you a live preview of your entry. You can now make any changes you want with your entry and if you wish, you can get another live preview by clicking the LivePreview button again.



  • Primary and Multiple Categories selection is not reflected in the LivePreview.


This is part of the official user manual for LivePreview, a plugin for Movable Type by Arvind Satyanarayan.

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