Privacy is currently under a public beta, a few bugs may still exist. You are recommended to take a full backup before installing this plugin. Please leave bug reports, support requests and suggestions in the Privacy Beta Testing forums

Privacy is a new plugin for Movable Type that allows you to define “read permissions” for system objects in Movable Type (entries, categories and blogs) . As a result, readers will first need to authenticate to be able to view the object. Privacy gives you fine-grained control over who can read your content.

Privacy 2.1 (in public beta) uses Movable Type 4.0's new extensible commenter authenticator framework and as a result, your readers can authenticate using the same services they can sign in to comment with. What this means is that Privacy is completely compatible with all OpenID plugins (for example the Wordpress OpenID or AIM OpenID plugins). In addition to these external commenter authenticators, Privacy allows you to require readers to enter a password or authorize Movable Type authors to read an entry (and with the Enterprise Pack, readers can even use LDAP to sign in to read a private object).

Users of the Enterprise Pack will be glad to know that Privacy works seamlessly with user groups, simply enter the group name whilst editing the privacy configuration for an object.


  1. Static Publishing - there are currently no dynamic templating tags provided with Privacy

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